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December 8, 2012
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Sometimes, the world can be a bitter place.

Throwing your car keys onto the table, you took in a long breath, then sighed, deeply. Another day, another idiotic customer coming into that stupid café that you worked at. The persona you were required to play didn't help much either. "Yes ma'am, no sir, how may I help you today?" You were sick of it. Your boss was focused solely on the money, and your lack of motivation for your work made it clear that your employment was sitting on a knife's edge.

Besides all of this, your car had stalled for ten minutes.

You would think that the home would be a welcome place, right?

Normally? Yeah, "home is where the heart is". But currently there was just one problem - that "fugitive" you had picked up off the streets from a couple of days back. He was an interesting character, to say the least.

After walking slowly upstairs, you flicked on each light in the corridor, one by one. When the last light flickered awake, you came face to face with your temporary German roommate. Who knew what that cocky bastard wanted this time.

"What?" You snapped after a few seconds of awkward silence.

"What?" He asked incredulously, eyebrows raised. "It should be obvious, shouldn't it?"

"Evidently not." You muttered, turning your gaze away from his smirking face. This was so not what you needed right now. "Haven't those soldiers come to take you back yet?"

When you had found him (more like ran into him) he had been running away from your town's localized soldiers. Somehow he had convinced you to help him to not only escape, but put him up for accommodation,

The man before you sighed, rolling his eyes in annoyance. "I'll ignore that little comment, and focus on your first question. Your late. I'm hungry, and their's no food. Plus, it's like, 1a.m. What were you doing out so late? Why do you have no beer? But slightly more importantly than that, did you bring home dinner?"

In that moment, something inside you snapped. He may be your so-called "houseguest", but you'd had enough. Today had really pushed you over the edge.

Grabbing him by the collar, you brought him to your own eye level.

"Now listen here, you asshole." You hissed, glaring into his eyes.  He seemed slightly put off by the action, but his gaze never wavered. "Surely you can cook? If not, I don't care, go out and buy something, be useful round here! Your in my house and if you don't like it, you can leave. You hungry? Make your own damn dinner! You want beer? Buy some. And if you want company, there's always nightclubs open this late. Now if you don't mind, piss off for the next few hours at least!"

You pushed him roughly, causing him to take a couple of steps back. His cocky grin was gone, replaced by something else. Another emotion you couldn't quite describe. Still royally pissed off, you spun around to go to your room.

Without warning, all of your breathe was knocked out of you, and you hit the floor hard, another weight lying on top of you. Did you just get tackled?!

Your body immediately went into fight-or-flight mode, and you lashed your arms out, hitting something that felt like a neck. The man grunted, and you pushed him off and leapt on top of him, reaching for his neck. However in lightening speed he had grabbed both of your arms and pulled them behind your back, earning a cry of pain from you. Taking the opportunity, he wrapped his legs so that they pinned down yours. You ended up with your face pressed into his chest, unable to more, unable to do anything.

"Oi." A soft voice spoke suddenly. "Your getting my shirt all wet."

Unbeknownst to you, your built up tears had, without warning, started to fall freely.

"Sorry." You replied, voice much calmer than you felt. "I can't stop."

A few seconds passed of your silent crying before your arms were relinquished from his grip. You stayed where you were, and after a few seconds he wrapped his arms tightly around you.

"Don't cry. Please don't cry, _________." He whispered, leaning into the top of your head. You cracked a smile, lifting your watery eyes up to meet his soft icey bue.

"Thank you, Ludwig." You sighed, nuzzling into his chin.

His eyes widened at your actions, and for once he was silent, seemingly content just to look at you. You looked right back, staring at his eyes.

"You have pretty eyes, Ludwig." You stated, lost in your own thoughts. He scoffed, cracking a smile of his own.

"Aren't males supposed to say stuff like that?" He yet again rolled his eyes.

"Oh. They're a manly pretty then" You giggled, smiling a little wider. "Y'know, maybe you aren't so bad after all. What did you do in order for those soldiers to chase you like that?"

Ludwig grinned. "Busted my brother Gilbert out if some trouble."

"And what kind of trouble would that be?" You asked incredulously.

"Nothing to worry your pretty little head about~" he laughed, bringing a hand up and rubbing your hair. You blushed softly.


"Uhh..." Ludwig's smile faltered. "I didn't mean - No wait! That's not what I meant either..."

You grinned, resting your head back down onto his chest. "I'm just teasing you. Thanks. Kinda made my day - in a weird, arrogant way."

He smiled again. "And you made mine."

"How so?"

"You came home safe."

"Were you worried about me or something?"

"No! I just- I dunno..."

As he faded off, you realized the position that you had been in the whole time. Blushing deeply, you started to fidget.

"Uhh... Ludwig..."

Seeing your expression, something seemed to click inside of him.

"Oh. We should- "


After unhooking his legs that were restraining yours, you attempted to get up slowly, pulling Ludwig up with you. When you were both in a standing position however, you were still very close.

"Sorry, I'll just- "

As you made to step backwards, Ludwig clamped his hands hard down onto your shoulders. You barely had time to breathe, let alone get a glimpse of his bright blue eyes, before his lips were pressed tightly to yours.

You responded immediately, wrapping your arms quickly around his neck. He followed suit, wrapping his own arms tight around your waist; all the while you were both enjoying the comfort of each others lips. For once in your seemingly dismal life, you felt, safe , secure...


Eventually you broke away for air, resting your forehead gently against his.

"You really did miss me." You chuckled, still panting.

"Maybe a little." He grinned, cocky personality showing once again.

"Perhaps you could stay with me a little while longer?" You offered, leaning more into his body warmth.

"Perhaps I could." He whispered, pressing his soft lips once more to yours.

Sometimes, the world can be a bitter place.

Sometimes not.

With a few surprises along the way.
Now THIS was fun! :iconsexygermanyplz:

I mean, who can resist an OOC Germany?//shot

I really enjoyed the brief for this story. I hope there's not too many errors, but if there are, feel free to tell me~

Requested by :icontwi222:

Story (c) :iconnezumiharuka:

Germany und Prussia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz;
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This is a story that a lot of people can relate to. One of the better fanfictions that I have read. To me, it shouldn't matter weather the characters have been copyrighted or not. What matters to me is the grammar and rhetoric (writing skills) applied and the ability to relate/comprehend what the reader is reading or has read. The sarcasm and grouchiness applied here can be a relatable topic that almost everyone can relate to. I hope that NezumiHaruka will continue to write more like this and continue to push towards her strengths and try to work at her weaknesses. I hope that we can see more exemplary work (more big words) like this one in the near future. -Alexis
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novadragonheart81 Featured By Owner May 6, 2014
Reminds me of 2P!Germany.
bugyear2005 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
nawz! i vish zhings like zhis would happen to me!
AmberWorks Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is such a good story!
I love Ludwig's character in this one <3
NezumiHaruka Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013  Student General Artist
HAY. YOU. You're the one who posts awesome comments. Therefore I love you.
And thank you so much! I had so much fun writing it ~<3
AmberWorks Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahaha you are very welcome xD :iconhyperglompplz:
NezumiHaruka Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013  Student General Artist
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Great Job! You should write more, as should I... Ah, well I guess I'm glad there are some people in this world who give a damn, right? :D
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