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August 16, 2012
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"Ya huh."




The albino man across from you yelled this out, shaking his pale hair furiously, eyes wide in irritation. "YOU CAN'T JUST SAY THAT. IT'S ILLEGAL, FRAU!."

"I just did." You smirked wide, crossing your arms firmly in blatent 'victory'. He lunged forward and uncrossed them in defiance, an  irked look covering his - well, quite handsome, if you did say so yourself - features.

"No one is more awesome than the awesome Prussia - You can't deny that!" Gilbert crowed, jabbing at his chest, in doing so making the couch you two were sitting on jolt. Consequently, you rolled your eyes, clearly not convinced.

"Did you just say awesome twice?" You sighed out, mentally face palming.

"Ja, because I'm awesome!" He laughed at your obvious stupidity - a loud, boisterous laugh, full of pride. Eyebrow twitching, you actually face palmed this time, trying your very hardest not to laugh-- when suddenly, you paused, cogs ticking over in you mind as an idea struck. Turning quickly to face the male, you grinned, staring straight into those crimson eyes, a bright glint within your own.

"Gil... if you can take a whole hour without saying you're awesome, I'll give you ten bucks." You offered, waiting impatiently for his reaction, practically bouncing in your sitting position.

He glanced at you in slight surprise, still obviously annoyed at you "claiming" you were awesome than him, before what you'd actually said finally clicked.

"Higher." He retorted, smirking. You supressed a giggle.

"Fifty." You said.


"Eighty bucks, take It or leave it."

"DONE." He snickered, grabbing your hand and shaking it firmly, a grin widespread at his lips. At the sudden contact, you managed to supress your faint blush, grinning just as wide in turn.

"So... what do you get if you win?"

"I'll tell you when I win, sehr."

"You bet your ass I'm winning that money, mein frau~." He laughed like he'd already won, giving you his trademark, confident smirk.

"Like hell you are - I'm much more awesome; I'm obviously going to win." That hit a nerve - he jolted, growling out low.


"What, awesome?" You smirked, pinching his cheeks, snickering away. He blushed faintly, swatting at your hands, muttering a few low insults in German. A few seconds later, the man glowered at you, folding his arms roughly as he pursed his lips. This caused you to giggle and pat his head affectionately, looking straight into those red eyes attempting to glare at you; It honestly wasn't very effective.

"You're so cute when you're annoyed - not that you're not cute all the time. Or should I say 'handsome'~?" You laughed, ruffling his hair, the words slipping your lips before you could stop them. Swiftly, his eyes grew wide in shock, his shoulders tensing - which was the moment you realised what you'd spoken. Shit.

"What was that?" He eventually asked, face and voice softening.

You flushed a bright red, and stood up so quickly that you almost fell over, scrambling to get as far away from Gilbert as you possibly could.

"I-I'M GOING NOW, S-SEE YOU LATER!" You yelled, running as fast as you could towards his front door, throwing it open. Your cheeks were still burning bright, heart pounding furiously - damn that cute face of his! No; damn the cute man himself!

"Wait! Fraulei-" You heard Gilbert shout out, but you had already reached the outside world, feet pounding harshly on the pavement.

Slamming the door shut behind, you broke into the fastest run that you could down Gilbert's street. You slipped a little on the ice covering his driveway, but that didn't stop you, soft, shallow imprints left the snow behind you. The wind blowing loosely in your proximity had a little more bite to it then would have been nice, causing you to curse, drawing your jacket tighter around your torso.

"DAMN THAT SEXY PRUSSIAN MAN!" You yelled to no one in particular, although you earned a few strange looks by passing padestriens. Let them stare, you thought.

Maybe it would get some sense into this heart.

Ever since you had met him, that sexy 'Bad touch trio' member had stolen not only your heart, but your logic and reason. If that wasn't enough, you'd managed to suppress it all until this particular slip-up - why now? It was obvious the man had interests elsewhere, and considering his reputation… you had to hide it all, right?

So yeah. You were in love with Gilbert Beilschmidt.

Too far lost in your thoughts for the good of humanity at this point, you almost ran into some people walking in the opposite direction, having been totally zoned out of the world around you. Jerkng to a stop, you cursed softly, jumping back from the two figures

"Ah, I'm so sorry! I'll be more careful next ti-- oh wait, it's just you two." Your tense muscles relaxed, along with your panicky expression, eyes flickering up to said two people - two males, in fact. The blonde one faked mock hurt, a hand going dramatically over his heart, whilst the brunette smiled happily, giving you a two-fingeres salute.

"Hola, chica~" A certain Spanish man laughed brightly, before he leaned down, pulling you off the ground into a tight hug against his chest. He nuzzled his cheek against yours, grinning wide.

"Toni-- stop-- no-- you're squishing me!" You gasped for air, trying to push his face away from yours, practically flailing. All of a sudden, though, you were pulled swiftly away from Antonio and into the arms of another, scents switching from fresh tomatoes to sweet roses.

"Bonjour, mon cher~. Long time no see, oui?" A certain Frenchman purred, pressing affectionate nuzzles with his nose all throghout your hair. Very flustered, you pushed him off, sighing heavily in irritation.

"Yeah… I guess." You muttered, looking at the floor - although these two were physically here, your mind was completely on their missing member; the only one you wanted to hold you like they had…

"… Oi... are you alright, senorita ?" Antonio eventually queried, having gently placing a hand on your shoulder, squeezing it in genuine worry. You honestly considered shrugging him off, but decidedly gave in, sighing tiredly after all that panicky running. Francis moved to your other side, placing a hand gently on your head, frowning.

"I…" You cleared your throat, looking to the side, an aprehensive look over your features. "… Possibly... accidentlytoldGilIthoughthewascuteandhandsome--." You mumbled, feeling heavy blush rising to your nose and cheeks. Slapping your hands over them, you turned away, tensing as you anticipated their reaction.

"… Naw, how lindo~! ________ has a crush on Gil~"

Damn tomato-bastard.


"Oh, mon ami!~" He nudged Antonio, winking to him in some hidden form of communication. "This is very interesting…"

"I said shut it." You growled, whipping around to glare at Francis, face already a deep red. "W- Why the hell do you two care about who I like? I- I mean, I know he's your friend, but--"

"-- Why wouldn't we ________~?" Francis smiled crookedly, casually draping an arm around your shoulders, causing you to flinch. This… seriously couldn't be good.

"We want to help you, si~?" Antonio chuckled, draping his arms over you and Francis'. Okay, this definitely couldn't be good. You stared up at the two of them with wide eyes, trying to convey that you didn't want them to do anything stupid.

"Ready?" Francis and Antonio stole a glance, smirking at each other.


"Uno," The Spanish man chuckled.

"Wait, what the hell is the countdown for?"


"Shit. Don't you two fucking dare--"

"DREI!~" They said in unison, before each pressing their lips firmly and centerfold to both your burning cheeks.

You blushed an absolute furious red, stuttering out unheard protests, squirming in a futile attempt to escape their strong grips. Neither moved, pressing multiple kisses over your face, just barely avoiding your lips. You slowly accepted your fate, tensing up, squeezing your eyes shut - that is until the both of them were yanked away, thrown roughly onto the concrete, you yourself pulled taught up against a warm, broad chest.

"She's mine." A low, very familiar voice growl menacingly.

You froze.

Glancing up with nervousness and hesitation, your wide, clear eyes locked with those of bright scarlet red, peeking angrily out from behind a pale fringe.
Hai gyz and gals!

Okay people, here is the now much better edited version of my new Prussia x reader series!:iconyayprussiaplz:

Sexy Prussia is sexy :iconsexyprussia2plz:

Part 1: You're here!
Part 2 (Final): [link]

Prussia (c) hetalia

You (c) :iconsexyprussiaplz:


Uno = One in Spanish :iconsexyspain2plz:

Duex = Two in French :iconsexyfrance2plz:

Drei = Three in German :iconsexyprussia5plz:
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