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Hetalia's my main fandom, but I also like Sherlock, Dr. Who, Snk, knk, pmmm, dmmd, Homestuck, wtnv and Angel Beats.

Feel free to chat. I seriously don't bite.


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It was hot.

The way his pale skin ground against your own as clothing was very hastily pulled off, tossed aside on various pieces of furniture in the hallway. Something in the back of your mind mused they would have fun finding where things had gone the next morning, but was stifled by snow-pale lips roughly capturing your own, flooding your mind with thoughts purely centring around the dominating Albino. His hands were notably smooth, but gripped tight as said cool palms slid up your spine, causing you to shiver almost immediately.

"Mein gott…" You muttered in an exhale of pleasure. The already cocky male, of course, smirked broadly at this in satisfaction.

"Hmm… You've already picked up mein language, frau…" Said man chuckled  quite darkly, precicely beside your nearby earlobe.

You tsked at him with a challenging half-smirk of you own, of course - though it swiftly parted when he started gruffly murmuring your name and kissing all the way up and down your neck. A moan of pleasure was naturally quick to tumble from your plump lips.
How long had you wanted this with him? Too long… And perhaps he, too, had been waiting for an opportunity to arise to claim you for his own. Not that you would ever complain; it was Prussia you were up against, quite literally.
Speaking off, you didn't hesitate to run your fingers straight down his defined chest and touch every crevice there was on offer, biting your bottom lip as his already prominent muscles stood out even more.

"Nn…~ So sexy…" He purred when he watched the way your face flushed up, desire burning in each of your lidded orbs for every inch of the attractive ex-nation. You simply relinquished a soft moan once again, leaning against him as his strong hands slid down to cup the breadth of your ass - of which you wiggled very slightly, much to his amusement.

"… You really want mich - don't you, _______?"

"… Ja…"

You whispered, swallowing your pride for the moment because you wanted this so damn badly. You wanted him, and judging by the immediate fire that burned in his eyes for you, the Prussian wanted you just the same.

"… Much obliged."

Mere moments later, and you found yourself pushed with your back hard against the wall, your bare (save some racy black underwear you hadn't worn for the intention of this, but Gil seemed pleased nonetheless) hips gripped hard as he swiftly wrapped your legs right around his prominent hips. You gasped lightly, a shiver of anticipation rolling over you when you realised just how darn hard his member already was, pressing firmly against your cloth-covered sex.

"______... You're already...." He stated bluntly, his teasing tone now replaced with distinct want, growled in an undertone beneath each of his panting-laden words. At this, you gripped hard at his shoulders, nails digging in as deep blush covered your already lewd features.

"Sh… Shut up…! I… just hurry up, Gil… Bitte…" You pleaded in response, embarrassment and fluster burning in the form of an even deeper, cherry-red blush scouring your slightly lewd expression. Honestly, he teased too much for his own good.

As soon as you said this, however, he gave a brisk nod, obviously incredibly needy himself. You were both staring at each-other with an inexplicable lust that truly could not be stifled any longer.

Your legs tightened around him as you repeated yourself.

"… Hurry…."


The girth of his member was way thicker than you had expected, but the way it pushed through your tight, wet entrance and caused your thighs to twitch wide apart - even with being upheld against the wall - was something both addictive and extremely arousing. Even if there was the dulled feeling of discomfort, you were so turned on that pleasure was all that was on your mind and coursing your body, your widespread orbs somehow even wider as his entire length managed to gyrate its way inside.

You  gasped, breathlessly panting whilst your fingers and nails scraped into his muscled shoulders; he grunted in a heated manner, unfocused with his flushed features instinctively burying themselves into your left collarbone.

His rough groan sent a shudder straight down your spine.

"… M… Move, bitte… Gilbert…" Too needy to care anymore about your pride, you begged him softly - one trembling hand sliding up and digging into his snow-white locks.

Almost instantly, the Albino man complied: a sharp and powerful buck into your hips was offered, harsh and obviously practiced.

This caused you to jolt, a spark of unexpected pleasure immediately scoring through your abdomen.

"A- Ah…!"

"S… Schieße, ______..."

Cussing in thick desire for you, Gil's eyes of pure ruby glow in the utmost sultriness, burning like flames as they stare into your own heavily-lidded orbs. His blush was beautiful, crimson and rare, you noted, before another potent thrust sent you into unfocused pleasure and gasping once again.

The way he braced himself with his scarred hands against the posterior wall was as haphazard as his fucking, your body jolting in such power and arousal, burning up with a feeling that was coming faster and harder than you'd honestly ever expect it to. You clung on, starting to continuously shudder, your face a bright cherry-red as sweat dotted both of your temples. He groaned even louder still, your name uttered with such need your fingers and toes curled in arousal merely from his husky-toned voice.

" _______... _______!" He gasped as his body tensed up, every muscle at your disposal and subject to a tight-scraping grip. "_______... I… I'm cl--ose…"

Your nodding was fervent and in time to your conjoined movements, both of you moaning in ecstasy; that tight coil burned very tightly in your lower abdomen, ready to snap at any given moment.

"Gil…--! G- Gilbert, I'm gonna… I…~!"

Almost simultaneously, you both hit a powerful and unexpectedly soon climax - your body jolting and writhing with the force of your heavy orgasm, wet cum sliding down his shaft and shuddering with your arched body's jolts. Prussia himself tensed up hard, your clenched muscles clutching around his swollen member incredibly tight - and, as a result, he swore as he slammed his cock as deep inside of you as it could go, hot, creamy liquid spurting harshly all the way inside and filling your cavity to the brim.

Your head was spinning and your breathing was completely erratic, matching the Albino man supporting you as your exhaled air cascaded together due to you both remaining so close together.

And, as the lustful atmosphere subsided just for a few moments, when Gil's cracked lips slid up and molded against your own in a deep, meaningful kiss, you found yourself returning the affection with increased pressure, still gasping faintly against his mentioned lips.

And it was then, you both knew, that this was no mere rendezvous -
but something that would last in your warmed, newly-joined hearts for decades and decades to come.

Prussia x reader: Nuh uh! Part 3 (LEMON)
Ah yes, the much anticipated third part for the series (eue)
Yes it is a Lemon. If you would like an alternative ending please let me know, I'll be happy to write one!

(Also this is mY FIRST LEMon please tell me if you like it friends :iconcraiplz: )

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
PArt 3: Here!

Prussia (c) Hetalia
Hetalia (c) Himaruya
You (c) :iconprussiasparklesplz:

"… Jason…?"

The woman was more than surprised to see this particular man - for more reasons than just the late hour, twilight long settled and darkness swept across the city skyline.
Colours floating in from the café's front-most window - once rich chiffon and pale cerulean - now simply consisted of hard, artificial white, streetlamps burning whilst living life forms slept on; unaware of the nightlife. The tables and chairs were upturned, scattered about with little room for consideration, each concealed and swallowed by shadows and undisturbed structure in their given position.

It was quiet. A quiet, normal evening, for Carmen Edelstein.

Or rather, had been - until one final customer had wandered in, indirectly ringing the bell situated above metal skirting board.

He stood about six-foot something (Carmen had never known his full height so long ago, and clearly, he'd grown much more in absence.), stature tall above many objects and, indeed, the female just in front. In all honesties, either human was highly juxtaposed to one-another - but Carm wouldn't have it any other way.

Said customer sported a leather jacket, the navy cotton beneath warn, but not damaged. His skin was just lightly kissed by summer sun - resulting in a kind of radiance about him, matching his crooked grin so charmingly tilted. The sharply-scarlet locks curved over his brow, long-ish and messy; disclosed were deep, glimmering orbs of emerald, focused on nothing but the girl who was trying her best to comprehend the situation.

Jason? Really? They hadn't seen each other since last summer - well, that was debatable. They may have had a 'summer fling' - the kind of relationship which you both new would come to an end, necessarily forgotten by the time the cleansing cold of winter fell.

Forgetting someone like him was hard. Very hard - in fact, she doubted she ever had.

She gulped as he finally spoke - ignoring the blush that threatened to splurge right over her milky cheekbones. Out of instinct, she focused her gaze straight down to her own feet, unwilling to lock eyes with this handsome, familiar individual.

"Hey there, dollface…~." He essentially purred, rich American accent underlining every word he spoke.



The woman smoothed back her slightly-spiked locks of darkened brunette, streaks of purple reflective and gorgeous; beautifully pale skin easily detectable in all the darkness about. Her deep, dark - and frankly, mysterious - orbs were this rich green that Jason could only ever describe like a tropical ocean, or a dense rainforest which reflected scattered sunlight. Plump lips painted a brilliant crimson were slightly parted, the gesture of nervousness not missed, much like the way she began to smooth over her apron, self conscious, just for a moment.

Jas inhaled slightly, revelling in this stunning person before him.
Simply breathtaking.

"… Well, I'll address you by your name, Carm. I do have some manners."

She laughed at that. A bright, sparkly sound that quavered with the hint of embarrassment he knew so well. It caused his anxious heart to lift, a hidden weight partially leaving his heavy mind.

He couldn't forget her. Not after what they'd had.

"I… I'm perfectly happy with your nicknames, Jas. I'm just... mildly shocked."

She paused.

"I mean, uh… How long?"

"Twelve months today."

"… Exactly twelve? What, did you count?"


The man returned the playful tease with a hearty chuckle of his own, head tilted back partially - and it was now faint red threatened his own cheeks, sheepishness blatant at the way her slight smirk quirked. Damn.

"What's it to ya, babe~? Had me on your mind or something?"

"W- Wha--! No way, idiot! Why would I be thinkin' 'bout some boy I ran around with in Santiago, hmm?"

When she chuckled so indignantly, he thought for a moment she meant the nonchalant phrases - but her rich blush told him otherwise, caused a ripple of hope to spark. Just a spark.

But a spark could start a bonfire, anyday.

"… So I have been on your mind. Did you miss me~?"


She scoffed again, her cocky and casual demeanor unable to be missed; leaning back against her bare, clean counter, black-cotton sleeves crumpling as she crossed her arms.

Oh, she'd missed him like hell. He was like a drug - even after a year of being clean, she still felt a deep desire, a lingering flutter of her heartbeat he caused even by a simple glance.

"… Jason Allistor Berkley, are you trying to get at something…~?"

He grinned, broadly. It was quite clear that was his exact intention.

"… Depends."


"On whether you are, too."


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